The Official Mascot of Ubuntu 16.10 Is Revealed

ubuntu 16.10 yak mascot

The thing with the 2 horn is the new official mascot.

The Proud Yak came out of hibernation and went into the forest for food. 

As with previous mascot animal designs you can expect to see this ‘Yak’ logo used to promote Ubuntu 16.10 during its last furlong of development, on posters, social media posts and, of course, the traditional official release t-shirt.


Admittedly the official mascot logos aren’t as synonymous with Ubuntu as the rest of Ubuntu’s branding — logo, color scheme, default wallpaper, etc. — but a new release of Ubuntu still gets a companion animal logo. The Yakkety Yak bucks no trends.

As with all logos in the Suru era the Yak motif is made of layered geometric shapes arranged in an origami pattern.

The logo, which appears in an update to the Ubiquity installer slideshow package in 16.10, will appear on the installer slideshow that plays during every new Ubuntu installation.

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