Get text from sourceforge, unzip it and, as root, make install. This puts three files in /usr/local/bin: cwmm, cwpcm and cwtext. Chmod them to 777.

Write a shell script to get and save the current time to a file:

date "+%H:%M" > /home/paul/current_projects/Morse_Clock/time.txt

Save it as /home/$user/current_projects/Morse_Clock/get_time
Chmod to 777.

Set up a cron job to run get_time once a minute.  I used webmin because I am not familiar with the vim editor that the usual crontab -e invokes.

Once a minute, get_time will run and overwrite time.txt file with the current time in hh:mm format.

To announce the time in Morse Code, set up the following script:

cat /home/paul/current_projects/Morse_Clock/time.txt | cwpcm -w 50 -f 1200 > /dev/dsp

Save as /opt/Morse_time and chmod 777.

Add /opt to path.

Now by running Morse_time at the command line, the computer internal speaker will announce the time in Morse.

Photo by TPG13